Before: Interior Edition (first floor)

Welcome inside! Lots of wallpaper awaits you!

For a home that may look rather tiny on the outside, it has more rooms than you’d expect. The first floor contains a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen/dining space, a hobby room, and a full bath. The second floor contains another two (small) bedrooms and another living room.  Let’s take a tour. I should note that the rooms are rather tight, so please forgive the lack of photos that show complete rooms in one shot. Note to self to rent a wide angle lens!


It’s glamorous, I know. This is the dining/kitchen space that you see upon entering the side door. That door on the left goes down into the basement. In the foreground are cabinets that surround the chimney. Kitchen appliances were on the far right wall just out of view, and at the far end, you can see into the bathroom.


Though I don’t have a photo of the oven and stove (we were too quick on the draw to get things out of there, mea culpa), you can see in this shot the counter space that we’re working with. Also, we noticed that in an effort to insulate some of the pipes, they were wrapped in single layers of newspaper.

Beyond the far end of the kitchen is the sole bathroom. It’s actually one of the more luxuriously sized rooms in the home. The clawfoot tub will head off to a new home in South Deerfield; we tried to make room for it in the new floor plan but she’s a bit too bulky for the spaces we’ll have. The sink, though, will definitely be making a return. The water turns into an unexpected mini tornado as it goes down the drain. Hygiene and entertainment all in one.

Next to the bathroom is the “fish room.” Once used as a storage/hobby space, it’s a bright little room that that we’ve turned into our renovation headquarters. It’s out of the way of most projects that need doing, and it has floors that are fairly level – the same cannot be said for the rest of the house.

The living room boasts great eastern light, a quaint (if crumbling) fireplace, and original wainscoting. Virginia, the last resident, had lots of quirky art, anything from a rudimentary George Washington (more on him in a future post) to modern, geometric pieces. Alas, there were no Picasso’s in the mix, so many of the canvases have found new homes.

The small bedroom on the first floor has some sweet proportions and enjoys the same eastern light as the living room. Check out those 28 inch wide wainscoting boards. Imagine how big the trees must have been that those came out of! We’ve saved all of them and will be finding ways to reuse them throughout the renovation.

Next up, tours of the second floor and porch!

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