Demo Weekend

Once our family assumed ownership of the house (and once I’d had a chance to take some “before” pictures), the crowbars were unleashed.

The floor plan is going to become much more open (will share the blueprints in a future post soon), so the demolition is fairly comprehensive. Some of the interior walls came down. In most cases the exterior walls were stripped to their studs to make room for new insulation. The chimney is came down (post on that later on). The porch came off. The to do list is long! We’re doing much of the demolition work ourselves and thankfully, for that first weekend we had a crew of family members around to help. Thank you to my parents, Adam, and Laurey!!


The ceiling in the first floor living room (future bedroom) came down along with much of the interior wall.


A small kitchen closet next to the fireplace also came out so that we could eventually be free to remove the cabinets and material that surrounded the chimney.


Though we were in destruction mode, we managed to clean up as we went along. Being able to walk away from a (relatively) tidy project at the end of each demo day makes the whole thing feel much more civilized.

Buckets and shovelfuls of plaster, lathe, and unsalvageable wood quickly filled up a dumpster, the second of four that we’ve gone through so far.




As some tackled some of the interior demo, others worked on removing shingles from the bottom few feet of the house exterior. Not knowing how much of the wall will need to be exposed in the process of jacking up the house, we got a little carried away (maybe just speaking for myself), but popping those singles of is really satisfying. Whenever you want to come give it a shot, we have a crowbar waiting with your name on it.




While removing some of the shingles we found some little surprises in the form of small house carvings on a couple clapboards.


On a different note, we all spent the weekend adjusting to wearing face masks for hours on end. Those things take some getting used to. Classically, my dad made a labeled rack for them so we can easily keep track.


Onto more demo!

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  1. It amazes me the amount of work you’ve completed in such a short time. The description of what home interior and exterior , what you have accomplished and your plans gave me the feeling of bein there with you. love it!

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