Demo Weekend, continued

After the initial demo work in the two front rooms, we moved out way to the some of the smaller spaces in the center and back of the house. It’s tricky to get the proper wind-up on a crowbar when demolishing a closet, but what we may have lacked in finesse, we made up for in repetition and, on my part at least, brute strength. Kidding, kidding.

After removing the clawfoot bathtub (that we can’t fit into the new configuration and it pains me), toilet, and sink, we began work on removing the elaborate plastic piping (it can’t have all been necessary), and removing the closet. While Steve hacked away, I set to work trying to remove hardware from the medicine cabinet. Those damn, painted-over screws are the WORST. Needless to say, Steve’s work was more successful and satisfying.



As we took the walls down to their studs, we found that the interior wall that was shared by the former kitchen, was covered in clapboards. Also, what we had thought was a small interior window had in fact, once upon a time, been a full size window that got partially boarded over. At first, it seemed like the clapboard look may have been some weird lathe work, but we quickly realized that it was the original exterior of the house and that the bathroom and “fish” room, were part of a separate structure that was (rather lazily) added on at a later point. This house is weird.


With the closet to the left of the fireplace removed, you can really start to get a sense of how the space will be opened up in the finished project. The chimney, fireplace, and surrounding structure will be removed and that space will ultimately be part of the dining space. We don’t want to live in a New England house that doesn’t have a fireplace though, so we’re planning to have one built off of the future dining/living room.

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