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The proportions of the cottage are charming, but what makes the property special is its proximity to the river. Whenever we find ourselves questioning the intelligence of our decision to do this renovation, we always remind ourselves that we’d never be able to build on a site like this today. So, when it’s all said in done, we’ll be happy to have this view in the end.


The porch off the back, while alarmingly “soft” feeling and uneven, gives us access to a commanding view of the river in both directions. We’re excited that it will ultimately become our new living room, but before any of those dreams can be realized, the original structure needs to go. We’ll be able to take advantage of the same footprint in the new build, but it will rest on new construction (both a new foundation wall and helical piers).

The roof was the first piece to go, making for a particularly abandoned look for a few days. Nothing says neglect like the ribs of a roof supporting nothing.


A few days later, the crowbars came out to tackle the remaining lower walls.


I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel manlier than pushing a wall off a platform and watching it crumble at my feet.

Steve porch demo

Demo vid!

Now it doesn’t even look like there was ever a porch!


Next up, demo’ing the floors in the front rooms and pouring new concrete in the basement.

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