Bye, floors

When you install a new sill, you’re going to need to install new floor joists. And when you have to install new floor joists, you first need to completely remove the old floor. Then while you’re at it, you need to take the opportunity to pour a new concrete floor in the basement. This is beginning to sound like that book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” but just like that book, construction projects create the domino effect that when something happens, a string of others must follow.

The original flooring from the front two rooms was in fairly good condition, so the removal process was done carefully so we’ll be able to reuse some (hopefully most) of it in the the house once everything is put back together.



The presence of the front door makes this scene even more strange to me. Having that front door, hanging as it always did, makes the scene look so normal at first glance. It almost takes a second to mentally catch up and recognize that “wait, there aren’t any floors here.” Don’t worry. The front door was firmly closed (by a string), so thankfully there were no unintended drops into the abyss.


The staircase was still passable here, but has a brand new 2×4 safety handrail.  Also, please note the gaping hole to the right of the stairs. The dumpster is out in the yard a short distance away, so the hole makes for a handy trash route.

m&S holiday card

Have you ever seen a better holiday card photo?

Once we felt satisfied with our photo shoot images (jk jk), the new joists started to go back in and we could see level flooring in our future.

In the above image, you’ll note that the basement floor was your standard 19th century issue dirt. To bring it up to modern day needs, we wanted to pour in concrete. Before that could happen though (are you sensing the domino effect here), we had to dig out the existing dirt floor by three inches. By we, I mean Steve and my dad because digging a basement floor is what we affectionately would say is a “boy job.” Now, three inches isn’t very deep, but when spread across an entire floor, even a floor as small as our basement, it adds up and makes for a lot of buckets of dirt. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the dirt hauling day, but I think you can use your imagination.

Once the grunt work was complete, a new concrete floor went in, and Steve’s dreams of a workspace for puttering came that much closer to realization.

Up next, chimney demo!

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