Jacked Up (one more time)

Now we’ve come to the day when the cottage became a funhouse with the ability to give vertigo to any who entered. The floor that went from the center of the house towards the river was very tilted. Not quite to the point where you felt like you’d fall off the back of the house, but it certainly wasn’t a reassuring slant. As with the front of the house, we had to jack up the back wall so that the floor system could be rebuilt, raised up, and restored to a comfortably walkable angle.


The lower section of the wall and its neighboring floorboards were cut away to provide direct access to the posts. Thankfully, the posts were in good, sturdy condition, so we were able to keep them.


Then, the posts got jacked up. Now, when we did this to the front wall, it hadn’t felt quite as dramatic since there had been no impact to neighboring structures. The back wall though, was attached to both the mudroom/shed on the north side, and the former bathroom on the south side. When the back wall got jacked up, it took its neighbors with it, creating a particularly precarious look in the former bathroom.


So much of the house was a mess at this point that when I first walked into the bathroom, I didn’t even notice that the wall was at such a tilt, but when you look at the clapboards (which should ideally be level), you get a good sense of how drastic the angle was. Side note, if you’re wondering why there are clapboards and a full size window cut-out on an interior wall, there’s a larger story there, but will save for another time.


The foundation supporting the back wall was essentially made of loose rocks, dirt, and prayers, so next up, foundation wall removal/replacement.

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  1. I don’t see any Furniture!! The place looks fine to me. With the warm weather you don’t really Need Doors and Windows….I think you’ll be fine. ğŸŽ©ğŸŽ

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