Second Floor Demolition

Though winter prevented work from progressing on the concrete footings, it couldn’t stop us from continuing our demolition work.


A lot of the demo on the second floor was done by the asbestos abatement crew. They had the unfortunate task of getting rid of the insulation that was above the ceiling, and in the course of the insulation removal, the ceiling sheetrock was taken out as well. We could have handled that demo but our backs and necks were happy to be spared the effort.

The entire second floor will become a lot more airy and livable thanks to a steeper roofline and a new dormer on the back side of the building where future bedrooms will look out onto the river. The above image is the river-facing side of the building, so imagine that roofline being raised up with big windows facing the water.


Without the dividing walls, we started to get a real sense of the square footage of the space. The low roof pitch and choppy layout had made for really limited usable space, but without those visual (and physical) constraints, the future floor plan became a little easier to visualize. It will still be tight up there, but the updated layout will make more logical use of the available space.

Next up is more dramatic demolition on the first floor. With a new construction crew involved, things are going to escalate quickly (in a good way)!

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  1. Look forward to each and every segment. We so admire your patience and tenacity in starting such a huge project. Looking forward to the finished project….

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