Phoenix Rising

Though the schoolhouse had to come down, you’ll be pleased to see that it rose back to life quickly.


We spent a few rainy weekend hours cleaning up the dirt floor that would form the base of the crawlspace underneath the new kitchen (because why even have a crawlspace unless it’s immaculate (kidding, kidding)), a new, level floor went on.


I’m sure it was the lack of walls, but the schoolhouse area felt much larger when re-framed with new lumber. Doesn’t the space seem so long now? For those trying to imagine what the space will look like in the future, the (former) schoolhouse section will be our future kitchen and will be completely open and flow into the living/dining area.#openconcept


The pendulum can swing on a day-to-day basis between the house feeling cramped, to it feeling spacious. Completely knocking down walls sure makes for a house that feels roomy!

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