The walls keep coming!

You didn’t think we’d let that one new wall hang out all be itself, did you? Throughout the rest of that week, two more walls came to join the party.


We spent a lot of time debating the size and placement of the window on the southern wall of the first floor bedroom. Originally there was a “standard” size window on the left side of the wall (when looking at it from the outside as seen in the image above). A window in that spot would accommodate a bed on the center of that wall and still give enough room for a small nightstand. After spending more time thinking it through though, we realized that a transom window (framed in above) would make more sense. Having a window slightly above eye level would provide more flexibility with furniture placement, and it would limit the amount of light in the room at night from cars driving by. The house is rather close to the road and sits just beyond a curve in the road, so headlights would be shining directly into the room if the window had been left at the original height/size.


Staying with our window placement topic, we also added a small window to the half bath downstairs (seen on the left side of the above image). It’ll be a small four pane square that allows for limited daylight (especially when it’s ultimately covered by a porch roof, but it’s better than a completely dark little box! We figured it was better to eliminate as much of the cave-like feel as possible.

The other window at the far end of the above wall will be in the full ensuite bath. Please note that it will be just in front of the shower, so make sure to have your robe handy when you’re walking around in there lest you want passing drivers to get a show!

Next up, the New England snow decided to play house with us…

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