Mudroom/Shed Demolition

Our last round of demo has dawned!

The shed to the right of the main house structure was dilapidated at best. Consisting of a small storage room and a crumbling porch, the whole thing sat on top of literal piles of rocks. Other than those rocks, there was no foundation to speak of.

Before getting a new foundation in place, we had to take the whole thing down.

First things first, get the tar shingles off the roof. We were possibly a bit too delicate about this process; it would have been a lot faster to use our contractor’s hand-saw demolition method.

As my dad and Steve scraped shingles off the roof, I had the wonderful task of picking up the shingles, corralling them into a bucket, and running them over to the dumpster. They were surprisingly heavy!

Also, somewhere during my shingle-shuttling, I dropped my phone into the dumpster and didn’t realize it until the very end of the afternoon. At that point it had gotten dark and my call was most definitely frozen (and dead), so attempts to call it and listen for it were fruitless. By the morning I had given up all hope that we would find it intact. The dumpster was full of exposed nails, and I had been stepping on top of everything as I loaded it in an effort to tamp down the materials to make more room for future debris. Surprisingly though, we found it intact!! A demolition miracle.


Above, my dad, the demolition king, surveys his domain.

By the end of the weekend, almost that whole structure was gone. We left the front step for temporary convenience so that you could easily hop onto the main structure, but that came out the following week!

Up next, we resume our coverage of roof and wall reconstruction on the second floor.

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