Kitchen Rafters

Throughout this project, there were many moments where I dreaded conversations with our builders. Don’t get me wrong, they’re wonderful, talented people, so I didn’t dread them personally. All of these instances were because I had requests for them, and I was nervous about causing a huge inconvenience/not being taken seriously. Thankfully, since Steve was always at work, I could usually blame the requests on him so I could avoid some of the discomfort: “Hey, I’ve got a crazy request for you, totally Steve’s idea, feel free to tell me it won’t work, etc.” Here is the story of one of those requests.

Given that the second story windows were primarily facing north and west, we were concerned that the whole second floor would be rather dark for much of the day. Before renovations, the rooms on the second floor had felt rather cave-like (not helped by the fact that the roof pitch was pretty low), so we had legitimate reasons for our concern. As a result, we wanted to have a few skylights in the main roof to make sure that the second floor would get ample natural light.

Our builder, being as energy-conscious as they are, couldn’t quite understand why we’d want to punch holes in our roof for the sake of some light, but they agreed to proceed with our plan.

After some back and forth though, Steve and I decided that we also wanted a skylight in the kitchen roof. The only challenge is that we made that decision the same day that the guys were putting in the rafters for the kitchen roof.

My aunt was visiting at the time and had recently gotten home from errands. She came in and said how exciting it was that the kitchen rafters were up! I immediately panicked and wondered how I was going to tell these guys to undo their work and to please instead leave a hole for a skylight.

The dread that I felt when walking down to the house felt like a gallows walk. I’m exaggerating a little, but believe me when I say the anxiety was high.

My dad and I came around the corner of the house (obviously, I made him go with me so it wasn’t as scary), and we found that no, the rafters had not(!) been put up after all! Just the kitchen gable itself, and there was still time to tell them of my skylight plan. Once I sheepishly confessed that I wanted another skylight, they laughed and shouted at each other, “I knew they’d want a skylight here!” PHEW. It’s a lesson that I had to learn many times throughout this renovation, but it’s always worth asking for what you want/need, even if it seems scary. And really, things rarely turn out to be as scary as you think. So with that, here are some photos of the kitchen gable and rafters!


She’s the cute little sister of the main roof.


Rafter ribcage.


Look at that skylight hole that I so bravely requested!

And here’s a little video tour of the kitchen space.

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