Before: The Exterior Edition


The bones of the house may be solid, but her exterior is a little shabby. While the rustic, brown wood shingles may have been trendy in the 1800s, they’re looking a little scruffy today. Decades of exposure to New England weather have taken a toll and the shingles are slowly starting to transition from a dark brown to a weathered grey. The promise of clapboards peeks through in some places (perhaps due to someone getting a little over-excited with a crowbar), giving us a taste of what the home may look like when we’re done (obvi with new clapboards but you get the idea).

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Isn’t she a beauty?

Welcome to the River House!

Built in 1831, this charming home on the Connecticut River is our diamond in the rough, emphasis on very, very rough. Over the past few years, we’ve watched the vacant home fall into an increasingly sad state, so when the opportunity arose to purchase it, our family jumped at it. The thought of watching the place get torn down only to be replaced by some modern home that didn’t jive with the neighborhood was too sad. We had to save it ourselves.

Originally, my parents had planned to buy the home with the hope of renting it out, but as the plans evolved, Steve and I couldn’t resist the idea of living there ourselves. We’re going for it! Apparently, Steve had a hunch that it would work out this way all along, but it took some convincing and time for me to adjust to the idea of putting down adult roots in the neighborhood where I grew up. I’ve turned the corner though.

Now that the renovation is starting to happen and is actually feeling real, I’m getting increasingly excited. Guys, the river is legitimately right behind the house (in a safe, non-flooding kind of way), you can see eagles from the living room, there’s going to be a fireplace, and, not to sound too stereotypical, but I get to design the kitchen, and I’m pumped.

We hope you’ll follow along throughout this transformation with us!



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